Reconstruction activities, recovery needs and
broader community redevelopment



With a team of professionals who are trained to be holistic and integrative thinkers and have experience in working with government and various stakeholders, including liaising with allied professionals with various specializations, the following are the services members of ASSURE may be able to assist in:


Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA)

Covers the damage, loss, and impact assessment of infrastructure, social services, local economy, and land and housing.

City/Municipality Reconstruction and Recovery Plan

City / Municipality Reconstruction and Recovery Plan which takes off from the PDNA and includes the identification of recovery and reconstruction programs, projects and activities for the immediate‐, short‐, and medium to long‐term. It normally includes spatial as well as physical planning, such as determining which areas are suitable or unsuitable for rebuilding.

Housing Repair/ Reconstruction Assessment and Preparation of Implementation Strategies

This includes visits to sites to assess on‐going housing repair and/or reconstruction activities, identifying and quantifying repair needs, assessing the suitability of sites for repair or reconstruction, and preparing strategies for housing reconstruction activities and/or broader community upgrading or redevelopment.

New Housing/ Reconstruction Assessment and Preparation of Implementation Strategies

This involves the identification and assessment of potential relocation sites and housing needs, and preparing strategies and guidelines for new housing sites.

Barangay/ Community-Level Assessment and Planning

This involves working directly with barangays or communities who want support in addressing their specific reconstruction and recovery needs and facilitating further assistance in community level interventions. It may include facilitation of community design charrettes.

Capacity Building

This covers providing technical assistance and serving as resource persons on CCA/DRRM and linking it to local development planning.

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